This is why we are the best choice...

At Our Little Friends Kindergarten our priority is to provide a warm, friendly, safe, and caring learning environment, where we encourage children to develop knowledgeable and confident self identities.

Relationships are important to us at Our Little Friends.  Our aim is for children to feel a sense of belonging, as we believe relationships form a foundation for children’s learning.  Strong relationships help children feel secure, safe and supported.  

We view our centre as a community, which is part of the wider community around us.  Our aim is to help children become effective communicators and socially responsible members of our community, and the broader community in which they live.

In addition, we appreciate that each child and their family has individual needs and perceptions, and we provide a flexible service that promotes fairness and diversity. 

Our staff has a commitment to lifelong learning, and we are dedicated to seeing children reach their potentials through our holistic approach.  This is when children learn through their play as well as intentional teaching moments. 

The children in this service are respected.  The experiences that are offered to the children reflect who they are, and what they are interested in, at the time.  This learning will build the foundation for the rest of their lives. 

We believe that children are confident and involved learners.  Our ideas for experiences come from the children’s interests and needs, as well as materials and suggestions from families and teachers.  The Early Years Learning Framework is an integral part of our program. 

We provide continuity in experiences to enable children to make a positive transition to school.  They will arrive at school feeling more confident and successful, after having spent time in our school readiness program.  We anticipate that children will leave our centre having achieved the outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.