Our Mission Statement

Our Little Friends Kindergarten recognise children to be very capable and involved learners. We strive to create a stimulating and enriching environment which implements and values the principles and practices of The Early Years Learning Framework.  Children, families and educators are recognised to play an intricate role in fostering and supporting children to be life- long learners.   

Our Philosophy

In relation to the children we believe:

  • Children are capable and active contributors to their own learning
  • Children need to be valued as individuals, within the context of their family and the community
  • Children can develop confidence and positive self-esteem through a supportive and secure environment
  • That play is a valued process for children’s learning

Therefore we:

  • Implement a child-centred program based upon the principles and practices outlined in Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)- ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming
  • Strive to empower children, by using their thoughts, concerns and ideas to develop a program which is meaningful to them
  • Promote children’s confidence and positive self-image through adapting different teaching strategies and learning opportunities which promote success and enjoyment
  • Implement an inclusive approach to positively support children’s growth of identity, self- esteem and critical thinking
  • “The early child years are not solely about preparation for the future but are also about the present” (Early Years Learning Framework, p.7)

In relation to the Families we believe:

  • Trust, respect and collaboration form the basis for strong partnerships between families and staff
  • Families are valued members of the service
  • Family involvement is essential to providing meaningful, stimulating quality care and education
  • Together families, children and staff create a caring and supportive  community

Therefore we:

  • Are committed to open communication with families which include discussions, child portfolios, daily diaries, newsletters and emails
  • Strive to have empathy and be responsive to family needs, and to support families when required
  • Encourage families to engage in meaningful participation in the program at the level that they feel comfortable with
  • Involve families in curriculum decisions, policy making and other decisions involving the children and the centre.
  • “Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children’s learning” (Early Years Framework, p.9)

In relation to the program we believe:

  • Children learn through collaboration and communication with other children and adults and through interacting with the environment
  • Children need opportunities to develop, refine and practice their skills
  • A rich, stimulating and nurturing environment has the potential to stimulate imagination, promote creativity and enhance aesthetic development
  • Diversity within our centre, families, staff and wider community is respected and celebrated. We strive to play a role in fostering and developing a social conscience among children with a view to addressing social inequities
  • Recognise reflective practice to be an important component in enriching children’s learning

Therefore we:

  • Implement a flexible program that is responsive to the evolving nature of the early childhood environment and that provides different learning styles and opportunities
  • Document observations of children’s work/interests to form the basis of the program and make reflective decisions based on the best interest of the children
  • Use both the indoor and outdoor environment to encourage the children’s ability to observe, perceive, explore, investigate, imagine, make choices and solve problems
  • Provide stimulating play areas
  • Introduce children to a range of social and cultural experiences, family types and different ways of doing things so they learn diversity and learn to accept new challenges that they may face.
  • Educators are supported and encouraged to participate in reflective practice

In relation to staff we believe:

  • In employing staff who are committed to working for the best interests of the children and their families
  • In valuing professional contributions and celebrating the diversity of our educators 
  • Open communication and confidentiality is essential
  • In following and abiding by the code of ethics 
  • Therefore we:
  • Provide opportunities for staff to share in decision making
  • Provide a safe and comfortable working environment with time to program away from the children
  • Provide opportunities/encourage staff to participate in professional development
  • Practice open communication and maintain confidentiality
  • In relation to the Community we:
  • Share our knowledge and experience with families and the community
  • Create links to information and support services within the wider community
  • Establish relationships with community organisations, councils and local schools

Therefore we:

  • Ensure that we operate within the guidelines set down by governing bodies
  • Encourage work experience students to participate in our program
  • Where possible, participate in community events
  • Evaluate our centre goals and program regularly